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FAT-pass is a comprehensive workbook and detailed guide that explains the quickest method for doing Speed DIstance Time Calculations in your head, in seconds. It also features practice exercises for the tabular data (i.e variables such as wind/fuel/speed), journey maps, and wordy question style that many of the questions at Cranwell feature.

Suitable for all hopeful military aircrew, the FAT-pass workbook starts with complete basics and works through over 80 questions of increasing difficulty.

A guide created by a group of people who have had first-hand experience of the tests, the workbook is suitable for:

OASC RAF Candidates
Royal Navy FAA Candidates
Army Air Corps Candidates

Suitable for all those sitting flight aptitude tests, the FAT-pass workbook teaches you to:

  • find average speeds
  • deal with multiple variables including wind-speed, cargo weight and fuel usage
  • find journey times
  • cross-reference tables of data
  • analyse maps
  • extract crucial information from wordy questions
  • determine fuel consumption
  • give ETAs

FAT-pass will help you to improve your mental agility, building your confidence for those all-important Flight Aptitude Tests at RAF Cranwell. A guide to passing a Speed Distance Time test. More information here.