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Metal Recycling

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Recycling figures in the EU are at about 40%. Italians are very proud of the recycling they do; it is known as Riciclaggio Metalli by the Italians. 

each type of rubbish is split up into its own colour-coded bag, it will then be picked up at the roadside and put into a designated bin. 

Blue bags are for plastic (also known as plastic) and metal (also known in Italy as metallic) brown bag for paper and cardboard and white for organic waste and a yellow bag is used for all other rubbish. 

Recycling bags

The separation of metals is key and used in recycling plants, they are used to recover metals that are present in materials. 

Metal recycling (Riciclaggio Metalli) can separate ferrous metals using magnetic pulleys, magnetic drums and magnetic belt separators. 

Nonferrous metals can be separated with machines called Eddy current separators. 

Separation of stainless steels is separated by Bunting HISC and SSSC. 

As well as Riciclaggio Metalli (recycling metal) Italy has the utmost respect for air pollution and climate change, so they are pushing hard to reduce black carbon emission, mainly in the transportation sector. They have something called the sustainable mobility fund which encourages Italians to move in a sustainable way such as walking, biking and taking public transport rather than using a car. 

Recycling in general in Italy is very complex, in fact, they actually give out an eight-page booklet explaining the dos and don’ts. As we mentioned before there are various coloured bags for it, and to confuse things even further each bag is collected on different days. But I guess we should really think about the following suit as Italy is at the top of its game for waste recycling.