What happens at a scan?

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If it is the first time you are expecting a baby, you might be worried about what happens at a scan? In this blog we can tell you what to expect and put any worries you may have to bed.

What happens at a scan? First of all, you should be welcomed by a friendly receptionist who will check your details, name, age and home address, you will then be asked to take a seat and wait for your appointment.

What happens at a scan? Next, you will be called into a private room where there will be a sonographer ( this is the person that will carry out your scan for you) they will then ask you to get comfortable on the bed and the scan should be explained to you, the more relaxed you are the better.

baby scan

What happens at a scan? Next, a gel will be applied over your tummy and a transducer will be pressed onto your tummy. The scan then creates a picture from the high-frequency sound waves, and you should be able to see your baby!

What happens at a scan? The sonographer will then describe what they are seeing and point out any parts of the baby’s body that have already developed such as arms, legs, fingers, or toes. At this point, you can ask the sonographer any questions you may have, such as (if you want to know) if it is a boy or girl!

What happens at a scan? Once the scan is over you should be able to take home the best images captured by the sonographer so you can show friends and family. A baby scan should be a memorable experience and one that should be treasured forever.